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Odile Perceau Composer

Flautist by training, Odile Perceau very quickly turned her interest towards orchestral and choral conducting, and then composition, following the teachings of Sergiu Celibidache, Conductor of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra for over 5 years. During this time, she also directed the Maîtrise des Hauts-de-Seine / Children's Choir of the Paris Opera. In 1990, her Pièces Sacrées pour Choeur de Femmes & Corps de Ballet d’Hommes, (Sacred Pieces for Women's choir & Men's Ballet) was performed in the Saint Eustache Church in Paris and recorded for France Musique.  Still in 1990, she directed Monteverdi's Orfeo in the Château de Lascours Festival. During the Bicentennial of Mozart's death in 1991, she directed the composer's Mass in C minor in Paris and in Prague with the Altair Symphony Orchestra and the Children's Choir of the Paris Opera. In 1994 she wrote the musical Vivre (To Live), dedicated to children with AIDS. This show was performed in France, the Ivory Coast and the United States. In 1998, she wrote, directed and recorded the music of the cartoon The Globulyss to the attention of children with leukemia, with the soloists of the Bordeaux Aquitaine National Orchestra, broadcast on France 3 and ARTE. From 1998 to 2005, Odile Perceau regularly provided artistic direction of recordings for independent classical music labels, Solstice and Timpani.

In 2002, she founded Khloros Concert. Made up of professional musicians and singers from France and abroad, she opened the first season of this new formation in Nimes and Montpellier and the Sainte Chapelle in Paris under the patronage of his Excellency, the Ambassador of the United States with a Pergolesi programme of pieces for strings that she had composed. 2002 was also the year she met Elisabeth Furtwängler. In 2001, Odile Perceau began writing Partitas Romanes, which she completed in 2005. They were written for Agnès Pereira and Etienne Péclard and spiritually dedicated to Elisabeth Furtwängler. 2007 saw the birth of her first String Quartet entitled Garonne, composed for the Bordeaux Quartet and spiritually dedicated to Ioana Celibidache. This programme, created in a scene setting of light, was a great success in China, especially at the Forbidden City where CCTV and Arte Live Web broadcast a capture of this unique artistic event.

Odile Perceau now focuses on the creation of her scores while pursuing her career as a Conductor.


贝欧蒂的音乐生涯由学习笛子演奏起步,并且在师从德国慕尼黑交响指挥大师切利比达凯(Sergiu Celibidache)的5年时间内很快对乐队、合唱和作曲产生了浓厚的兴趣。与此同时,她还担任了上塞纳儿童唱诗班/巴黎歌剧院儿童合唱团的指挥。1990年,她为法国音乐电台在巴黎圣厄斯塔什教堂创作并录制了《女性合唱团及男性芭蕾舞团圣曲》(Pièces Sacrées pour Choeur de Femmes & Corps de Ballet d’Hommes)。同年,她于拉斯库尔城堡音乐节之际指挥演出了蒙特威尔第的歌剧《奥菲尔》。1991年莫扎特逝世200周年之际,贝欧蒂分别在巴黎和布拉格指挥阿尔塔伊交响乐团和巴黎歌剧院儿童合唱团演出了莫扎特的C小调弥撒曲。1994年,她专为罹患艾滋病的儿童创作了音乐剧《生活》,并先后在法国、科特迪瓦和美国上演。1998年,应法国波尔多阿基坦国家交响乐团之邀,贝欧蒂为罹患白血病的儿童创作、指挥、录制了动画片《Les Globulyss》主题音乐,并在France 3 和ARTE电视频道播出。从1998年至2005年,贝欧蒂定期为Solstice和Timpani古典音乐出版社担任艺术指导和录制监督。

2002年,贝尔蒂创建波尔多Khloros乐团,成员包括来自法国和其他国家的专业音乐家和歌唱家。乐团首先在法国尼姆和蒙彼利埃完成了首季演出,之后在美国大使的全力协助之下,在巴黎圣查培尔教堂演出了意大利音乐家贝尔格莱斯的作品和贝尔蒂自己创作的弦乐曲目。同样是在2002年,她结识了伊丽莎白·福特温格。贝尔蒂从2001年开始创作浪漫组曲《Partitas Romanes》,并于2005年完成。该浪漫组曲专为阿涅斯·佩雷拉和埃迪埃纳·佩格拉尔而写,并以此向伊丽莎白·福特温格致敬。2007年,贝欧蒂为波尔多四重奏创作了其名为《伽罗纳》的第一部弦乐四复调乐曲,并以此向伊奥娜·塞利比达切致敬。这一配合了光效舞美的音乐演出在中国,特别是在北京故宫取得了巨大的成功,中央电视台和Arte Live Web网站对这场无与伦比的音乐盛宴进行了全程转播。